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Description of Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps

An ultimate navigation application for all
- hikers, mountainbikers, mountaineers, trail runners or geocachers. And not only for them, Locus Map Pro is widely used also by
- explorers, travelers or rescue squads all over the world.
• advanced
capability, supporting online and offline routing services
• unprecedented choice of

- map overlays, offsets, WMS sources support
• tools for
- track recording, customizable dashboard, audio coach, charts, statistics, support of external BL/ANT+ sensors (GPS, HRM, cadence...)
• worldwide
• sophisticated tools for
- location tools, online/offline logging, support of trackables, Pocket Queries, spoilers...

- containing hiking/biking map, winter map, road map or city plan themes.
of the best world map publishers:

by Ordnance Survey (Explorer, Landranger),

by USGS classic/satellite, NeoTreks (AccuTerra),

by BackRoad Map Books,
•maps of
by SwissTopo,
by IGN Belgium,
by IGN France,
by Kortforsyningen,
by LMI Atlas Map,
by PZS Maps,
by CNIG maps,
by Lantmäteriet,
by Compass,
by Kompass, Outdooractive – Summer and Winter maps, and Freytag-Berndt,
by SHOCart and Geodézie Online
and many others...

in MAP, SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMA formats, and of own OpenStreetMap or map themes
• turn•by•turn voice navigation with support of online/offline routing services
• beeline guidance to a point (on map or by compass) or along a route with notifications
• multi•profile track recording
• charts&statistics
• audio coach - commented workouts
• support of Bluetooth/ANT+ external sensors - HRM, speed/cadence, GPS, NMEA
• route planning
• import/export of routes/tracks from/to various formats (KML, KMZ, GPX...) and web services (Strava, Runkeeper, GPSies, Google Earth, etc...)
• customizable bike computer dashboard
• creating own database - order, search, sort
• import/export in many formats, web services support
• map overlay, calibration and offsets
• support of various external map formats and coordinate systems
• visualising geotagged photos, OSM notes
• online and offline addresses
• OSM POIs, GeoNames and Wikipedia
• downloading geocaches via Geocaching4Locus add•on
• offline and online logging
• support of waypoints, PocketQuery, trackables, spoilers
• graphic and calculation tools
• private or public sharing of location in real time
• parking assistant, sunrise/sunset time, world wide weather forecast, NFC tagger, QR code generator...
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
Locus Map Pro is highly customizable. Everything can be set according to user's needs. Its functionality can be further extended by numerous Add•ons - Locus Map Watch, Augmented reality, GeoGet/GSAK, Pebble, Munzee etc.
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